Skagit Valley College

Title III

What is Title III?

Title III Strengthening Institutions Program is a competitive grant program administered by the United States Department of Education. Through the Title III Strengthening Institutions Program, colleges and universities may use the money for a variety of purposes, including faculty development and improving academic programs.

How will Title III benefit SVC?

In 2015, SVC received a five-year, $2,107,806 Title III grant from the United States Department of Education. At SVC, the grant will be used to implement the College’s student success initiatives, including restructuring the student’s first-quarter experience, student support services and advising model, and integrating more student-centered instructional strategies and culturally responsive practices both inside and outside the classroom. The grant will also focus on decreasing the opportunity gap between Latino and non-Latino students while improving the retention and completion rates of all students. The money will go toward hiring more staff, including bilingual staff, to help students navigate the College, training faculty and staff, and upgrading the technology at the College.

SVC Title III Goals

  1. Increase retention and completion rates by increasing the percent of all students achieving momentum points and completing a degree or certificate.
  2. Increase culturally responsive practices throughout the college and strengthen the delivery system of essential support services to improve student retention and completion. 
  3. Increase revenue and the long-term fiscal sustainability of the college by increasing student transition from pre-college to college-level courses, and subsequent retention and completion rates.

Steering Committee

  • Kenny Lawson, Vice President of Instruction (Project Director)
  • Jennifer Veltri, Title III Activity Director
  • Dave Paul, Vice President of Student Services
  • Laura Cailloux, Vice President of Whidbey Island Campus
  • Ed Jaramillo, Vice President of Administrative Services
  • Crystal Allison, Associate Dean for Financial Aid
  • Eric Anderson, Faculty Counselor
  • Brian Brady, Faculty 
  • Calleen Coorough, Faculty
  • Sinead Fitzpatrick Plagge, Associate Dean of Basic Education
  • Darren Greeno, Dean Workforce
  • Brian Hanchett, Faculty Counselor
  • Andy Heiser, Director of Information Technology
  • Sandy Jordan, Associate Dean of Counseling and Advising
  • Gabriel Mast, Dean Arts & Sciences
  • Ted O’Connell, Faculty 
  • Evan Picton, Associate Director of Institutional Planning 
  • Gretchen Robertson, Faculty
  • Joan Youngquist, Dean Basic Education

Leadership Team

Kenneth Lawson, Project Director
(360) 416-7732

Laura Cailloux
(360) 679-5333

Dave Paul
(360) 416-7663

Jennifer Veltri
(360) 416-7921