Skagit Valley College

Course Placement

Determining your class placement is the first step toward student success. As a community college, Skagit Valley College serves a very diverse population with classes ranging from adult basic education to university transfer.

In order to determine the best classes for you, your writing, reading, and mathematics skills will be assessed. This will tell us the level of coursework for which you are prepared, as well as your readiness for entry into specific programs. Recommendations range from refresher courses to college level classes.

What assessment method is the best for you?

Your individual situation determines what placement option is best for you (it might be different for your English than for your math or vice-versa).

If you place into different courses based on different placement methods, Skagit Valley College will honor the highest of your course placements. Therefore, you want to make sure to review all your options.  

Identify yourself below and click on the assessment methods to learn more information about that option.

Attended High School in the last 2 years/Running Start:
High School Transcript
Smarter Balanced scores
Accuplacer Test
AP Test Scores

Attended High School more than 2 years ago; no prior college:
Accuplacer Test
AP Test Scores

Active Duty Service Member or Veteran:
Accuplacer Test
Joint Services Transcript (JST)
Transcript Evaluation/Review

Successfully completed Math and/or English Courses at another college:
Transcript Evaluation/Review

Took a placement test at another school within the last year:
Placement Reciprocity