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Registration Forms

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Registration Forms

  • Non-Degree Seeking Students Registration Form

    Non-degree seeking students should use this form to register for classes. The PDF should be printed, completed and mailled, faxed, or emailed to Enrollment Services.  Fax number:  360-416-7890.  Email:

  • Degree Seeking Students Registration Form
    DEGREE SEEKING students can use this form to register for classes. The PDF can be printed and mailed along with the Credit Card Authorization Form.
  • Request for Verification
    Use this form to request enrollment verification. 
  • Tuition and Fees Refund Request Form

    Use this form to request a tuition refund in the event a medical emergency or call to active military duty necessitates complete withdrawal from all courses.

  • Course Repeat Form
    A student may repeat a course in which he/she has received a failing or low passing grade.  If you are repeating a course to rasie your grade, complete this card after you have successfully completed the course to ensure the proper adjustment on your transcript.
  • High School Enrollment Permission
    High School students wanting to take classes at SVC need to turn in this form.
  • Petition for Reinstatement

    Use this form when you have been placed on Academic or Financial Aid Drop Status.  You will need to meet with your advisor to complete this form.

  • Tuition Payment Plan

    Skagit Valley College offers a Tuition Payment Plan for Tuition.  See policy, which is attached to form, for details.

  • Incomplete Grade Contract
    Students who have sufficient cause 1) have not completed work necessary to and required by the course, and 2) who discussed the requirements and have made arrangements with the instructor to complete the missing work may use this form to receive an incomplete "I" grade. See form for complete details.
  • Pass/Fail Grade Contract
    Pass/Fail grades are issued at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Student Information Update
    Use this form to officially update your information at Admissions, Financial Aid, and Registration. 
  • Audit Choice Card
    When requesting to audit a course, take this form to you instructor for approval and signature.  Return form to your local registration office.