Skagit Valley College

Strategic Plan: 2013 - 2017


Skagit Valley College provides opportunities for students in pursuit of their educational and employment goals, while contributing to the economic and cultural enrichment of our communities.


Skagit Valley College is dedicated to the success of our students. Our work is guided by a set of shared principles and our decisions are based on strategy and evidence. We are committed to quality, innovation, equity, and lifelong learning of students and employees.

Guiding Principles

The College community is guided by the following principles:
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Open & Honest Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Core Themes


    • The College will meet or exceed Strategic Enrollment Management targets.
    • The College will meet or exceed the statewide participation rate.
    • College enrollment will reflect District demographics.


    • Students will successfully progress and accomplish their educational goals.
    • Students will demonstrate significant learning related to general education requirements.
    • Students will successfully transition to the workforce.


    • Students and employees will engage in a culture of mutual respect and acceptance that embraces diversity and promotes a civil society.
    • The College will collaborate with its communities through the exchange of knowledge and resources.
  • Strategic Priorities

    1 - Latino Community Engagement

    A focus on recruiting and supporting the educational success of Latino students and engaging with the Latino community on educational, social, and cultural issues

    2 - Global Citizenship

    A focus on developing global citizenship through curricular, cocurricular, and extra-curricular efforts; an engaged and diverse international student population; faculty, staff, and student exchanges; and, community enrichment activities

    3 - Environmental Stewardship

    A focus on promoting sound and sustainable environmental stewardship through the curriculum, college and community activities, and institutional practices

    4 - Utilizing 21st Century Technologies

    A focus on utilizing technologies to deliver education, provide services to students, and improve College processes

    5 - Aligning Educational Programs with Regional and State Economic Development Strategies

    A focus on developing, offering, and evaluating programs to provide an educated workforce in support of economic development priorities