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Campus View Village Incident Report

To report a violation of Campus View Village policies or to report a student of concern in Campus View Village, please complete the form in the included link. 

CVV Policies

Residents and guests at Campus View Village are expected to adhere to all Skagit Valley College policies and the Code of Student Conduct. To review these expectations, please visit Student Life’s Student Rights and Responsibilities website

The following are all listed as specific guidelines in addition to the Code of Student Conduct.

Contraband Items

For safety, legal, and various other reasons, the following items are not permitted on Campus View Village property. Additional items found to be unsafe or in violation of the “spirit” of any Campus View Village or Skagit Valley College policy may be deemed contraband, as well. Any students found to be in possession of these items are subject to disciplinary action:

  • Firearms of any kind
  • Candles
  • Incense and sparklers
  • Potpourri burners
  • Hookahs and water pipes
  • Lithium-ion batteries or items requiring such batteries (such as hover boards)
  • Explosives of any kind, including fireworks and firecrackers
  • Marijuana or illegal drugs of any kind
  • Prescription drugs not directly prescribed to the owner
  • Alcohol (if under 21)
  • Any lamp or lighting device requiring 100 watt bulbs or higher
  • Space heaters
  • Gas or propane operated equipment (inside apartments)
  • Barbeque grills of any kind
  • Any illegal aide or device which is used primarily in committing crimes


Under 21 Year of Age

Residents and guests under the age of 21 may not possess, consume, or be under the influence of alcohol at any time. Additionally, residents and guests under the age of 21 may not be in the presence of open containers of alcohol while on Campus View Village property. Residents under the age of 21 may not display empty alcohol containers, logos, or paraphernalia for any reason in common areas or in bedroom windows.

21 Years of Age or Older

Residents and guests who are of legal drinking age may possess, consume, or be under the influence of alcohol (to a reasonable degree) with the following restrictions:

  • Alcohol may not be stored or consumed in apartment common areas (kitchen, living room, bathroom, or hallway) at any time if any of the roommates living in that apartment are under the age of 21.
  • Open containers are not allowed in the presence of residents and guests who are under the age of 21.
  • Alcohol can only be shared with other residents or guests who are over the age of 21.
  • Empty containers and alcoholic logos may not be displayed in apartment common areas or in bedroom windows.
  • “Common sources” of alcohol, including kegs and beer bongs, are not allowed on Campus View Village property at any time.
  • Alcohol may never be consumed outside of an apartment of a resident who is over the age of 21.


Illegal Drugs

In accordance with federal law, Campus View Village maintains a zero-tolerance drug policy: No resident or guest shall possess, consume, manufacture, distribute, or be under the influence of any illegal drug while on Campus View Village property. This includes the use and possession of marijuana. If a resident requires the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, they must store and use the substance off-campus and should not return to campus under the influence of the drug. Despite Washington State law indicating legal use, the Skagit Valley College Foundation does not permit marijuana on Campus View Village grounds.

Carrying the smell of marijuana or other drugs brings suspicion to your person. It is highly recommended that you take precautions not to smell like drugs while on-campus. Smelling like drugs could result in a disciplinary meeting with the Associate Director.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs (other than medicinal marijuana) should be kept on-campus in the resident’s bedroom. These medications should indicate the name of the owner on the container and be used only by that individual. Misuse of prescription drugs is a serious problem and will be treated as illegal drug use.


Campus View Village recognizes the need for most students to decorate their apartments. We encourage students to consider non-permanent, unobtrusive, and inoffensive decorations as their only means of décor. CVV reserves the right to require residents to remove any decorations that violate the rights of others. Additionally, any alterations that significantly damages Campus View Village property will result in an immediate charge to the student(s) responsible.

Campus View Village restricts “public view” décor in order to maintain an atmosphere of comfort and civility for other residents and guests.  Public view is considered anything that can be seen outside resident bedrooms, including doors, walls, and windows.  Residents will be asked to remove any decorations that are visible outside the apartment if the décor is significantly offensive or violates any Residence Life policy.

The following restrictions apply while decorating your room/apartment:

  • Residents may not paint their rooms/apartments or any Campus View Village property for any reason.
  • No flammable materials are to be hung from ceilings, on light fixtures, or draped on walls. These include fabric and excessive amounts of paper. Some paper and posters are deemed acceptable.
  • Residents should not use nails or screws.  Students may hang pictures and décor using a reasonable amount of pushpins or other non-permanent hanging materials. Significant pin hole damage or damage to any wall or furniture item will result in a charge, so residents should be careful when choosing to hang items on walls.


Campus View Village provides a living/learning environment for residents with a diverse array of identities, backgrounds, and experiences.  As such, CVV staff members consider diversity to play a crucial role in our work in developing a community of engaged learners. Adverse treatment of students, guests, faculty, staff, community members, and/or visitors at Campus View Village on the basis of group or categorical membership has no place at Campus View Village. Responsibility for achieving a non-discriminatory environment lies within each of the residents and staff at Campus View Village. For more information, visit

Discrimination is prohibited on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, creed, culture, language or language proficiency, color, gender identity, gender expression, relationship status, sexual orientation, age, religion, and sensory, mental or physical ability, or any other inherent identity. Discrimination is defined in the context of (1) exclusionary forms of conduct, (2) creation of an intolerant environment, and (3) malicious harassment. 

  • An exclusionary form of conduct is any disparate treatment of, or adverse impact on, individual(s) by a person(s) or a structure(s) that exclude and deny access to participation in services, programs, and activities of Campus View Village.
  • Creation of an intolerant environment is the result of the willful or intentional conduct of an individual or group of individuals who engage in threats, expressions (either verbal or non-verbal), physical abuse or harassment that threatens or endangers the health, safety or welfare of any person. This includes bullying.
  • Malicious harassment is conduct or behavior that is maliciously and intentionally committed because of a person's specific identity. This conduct may include injury to a person, damage or destruction of a person's property, or threats to a specific person or group of persons which places that person, or members of a specific group of people, in a reasonable fear of harm to themselves or their property.

To help ensure that Campus View Village remains a safe space for all of our residents and guests, please report all incidents of discrimination immediately to a CVV or SVC staff member or report online at  

Disorderly, Lewd, and Indecent Conduct

Residents are asked to respect the rights and property of all people residing in and visiting Campus View Village.  Conduct that disrupts the normal function of the community, impedes the work of residents and staff, or threatens the health and welfare of any person or Campus View Village property will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, physical or verbal abuse, threats, fights, and vandalism.

Fire Safety

As a means of fire prevention, please adhere to the following standards:

  • Candles, incense, potpourri burners, hookahs or water pipes, lithium-ion batteries, or other open flame/high-risk items are not permitted at Campus View Village. 
  • Smoking inside the apartments is not permitted (see Smoking policy).
  • Do not throw cigarette butts onto the ground surrounding the buildings, parking lots, porches, patios, etc. or put cigarettes out against the buildings or railings.  Please use the ashtrays in designated smoking areas to dispose of cigarette butts.
  • Do not overload electrical circuits (i.e. plugging too many things into one outlet; running too many electrical items at one time, etc.). Violations will also result in $50 safety fine.
  • Use correct light bulb wattage.  NO 100 WATT BULBS EVER!  (See "Light bulb" section of handbook for watt reference).
  • Do not park motorcycles, mopeds, or other gas-operated vehicles inside apartments or on the porches of the buildings. All gas-operated vehicles should be parked in the parking lot with a valid Campus View Village parking permit and should never be driven off-road on Campus View Village grounds.
  • Gas or propane operated machines (including grills) are NOT ALLOWED in apartments, on porches, or on Campus View Village property except when operated by Skagit Valley College staff during designated functions.
  • Charcoal operated barbecue grills and hibachis are NOT PERMITTED on Campus View Village property.
  • Space heaters are not permitted. Please only use the heaters built-in to your apartment.
  • Keep furniture arranged at least 3-feet (36 inches) away from the heating vents in your apartment. Highly flammable items such as paper and fabric should never be stored near heater vents. Violations of heater clearance will result in a safety fine of $50.

Residents should note the location of the apartment fire extinguisher in case it is needed.  Each apartment has one fire extinguisher that is located next to the entrance door.  Be certain you read the directions and know how to use it before you need to in an emergency.

Residents are responsible for ensuring that all fire equipment is operating properly. Any fire equipment that is not working properly should be reported to the CVV office immediately. Fire extinguishers should not be discharged unless there is a fire. Due to the potential danger, residents found tampering with fire equipment such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers will be issued heavy fines and/or be subject to disciplinary action by the Associate Director.

Smoke Detectors

There are two smoke detectors located in the hallway of the apartment. Residents are responsible for maintaining them. This includes replacement of 9-volt batteries when needed.  This is signaled by intermittent beeps or an extinguished indicator light. We recommend keeping a couple of spare batteries in your apartment so any beeping can be quickly taken care of. If residents replace the batteries and the smoke detector still does not function, the resident must notify the CVV office immediately. Do not unduly tamper with smoke detectors.

Firearms, Weapons, and Explosives

The possession, use, manufacture, or distribution of firearms and weapons is prohibited from Campus View Village property, regardless of its intended purpose or the security of its storage.  This includes, but is not limited to: guns, rifles, archery equipment, hunting knives, swords, BB guns, pellet guns, paintball guns, etc. The use and/or possession of firecrackers, fireworks, sparklers, and other explosive devices is not permitted on Campus View Village property at any time.                        

Garbage and Recycling

Each resident is responsible for orderly packaging and disposing of garbage and trash into the dumpsters.  Dumpsters are located in front of the following buildings: Birch, Cedar, and Ben Root.  All garbage and trash must be placed in plastic sacks, securely tied and placed inside a dumpster. Campus View Village strongly recommends recycling paper, plastic, tin, and glass in the recycling bins located behind the following buildings: Maple, Cedar, and Ben Root. Garbage and recycling materials are not to be left on patios or balconies for any length of time.


Residents need to inform their guests of the Campus View Village policies and all visitors are expected to adhere to them. Residents are responsible for the actions of their visitors and will be held accountable for any and all actions taken on the part of the guest. Guests can be asked to leave Campus View Village by CVV staff at any time for any reason.

Overnight guests (guest who stay in an apartment more than two hours past Quiet Hours) are permitted under the following conditions:

  • It is first discussed with all roommates and all roommates have consented.
  • Guests are not permitted to stay more than two (2) evenings per week.
  • For the privacy of your roommates, your guests are not to be in your apartment when you are not home.
  • The Fire Code permits no more than ten (10) people in an apartment at one time.
  • Roommates may establish and agree upon guest hours and regulations within their apartment.

Residents found violating the guest policy by having overnight guests more than two nights per week will be charged $50.00 a day for every extra day your guest is there during the week and will be in jeopardy of having their lease terminated due to the policy violation.


Campus View Village and Skagit Valley College prohibits sexual harassment and harassment conducted on any basis protected by federal, state, or local law. Unlawful harassment in any form including verbal, physical, threats, demands, or retaliation is prohibited. All incidents of harassment should be reported to a Residence Life staff member or Campus Security immediately. Harassment issues are taken extremely seriously and may result in disciplinary and/or legal ramifications. For more information, visit

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment is an illegal activity and will not be tolerated at Campus View Village.  Harassment directed at individuals or groups on the basis of gender, marital status, or sexual orientation is in violation of Campus View Village policies.  Sexual Harassment is defined as any behavior or action, either physical or verbal, which is sexual in nature. It is uninvited, unwanted, and/or non-reciprocal and has the purpose or effect of negatively interfering with an individual's work or educational performance or of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work, educational, or living environment. 

Sexual Harassment may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Unwelcome and/or repeated sexual advances.
  • Offensive, disparaging remarks about one's gender, marital status, sexual orientation, or appearance.
  • Jokes or anecdotes about gender-specific traits.
  • Remarks about one's physical appearance which imply sexual interest.
  • Subtle pressure for sexual activity including sexual propositions.
  • Unnecessary brushes or touches, including pinching, patting, rubbing, or grabbing.
  • Display of offensive sexual graffiti, gestures, cartoons, or materials.
  • Sexual innuendoes or obscene gestures.
  • Written communications with sexual overtones.
  • Sexually offensive remarks disguised as humor, and unwanted gifts, staring, leering, or unwanted attention.

Health and Safety Inspections

Health and Safety Inspections will be conducted twice a quarter during Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters and once during Summer quarter (or as deemed necessary by CVV staff).  In most cases, you will first be notified in writing about an upcoming inspection. Campus View Village reserves the right to inspect an apartment at any time for health and safety violations or to ensure a clean and safe environment for new residents moving into an apartment. 

Your apartment must be ready for inspection on the date you are given. Following the inspection, residents will be notified of whether or not their apartment “passed” (or was deemed a safe and healthy environment). If you do not pass the cleanliness part of the inspection in the apartment, each resident in your apartment could be charged a fine of approximately $50.00. You will not be allotted more time to clean the apartment and it must be ready upon inspection. Violations of safety issues will be charged as stated in your handbook under fire safety. It is expected that your apartment remain in safe and clean condition at all times with no exceptions. Disciplinary action could be taken against policy violations witnessed in apartments during any staff entry.


Residents and guests must possess a valid picture ID at all times. Residents and guests must provide their names and show appropriate identification to Campus View Village staff members, Security Guards, or any College official upon request with no exceptions. Guests who are present on Campus View Village property without proper ID will be escorted off of the premises immediately for safety reasons if their identity cannot be clearly verified by staff.

Evictions and Non-Renewals

Residents may be evicted with only 48 hours’ notice (or less) for engaging in certain activities including, but not limited to:

  • Illegal activities of any kind, including drug use, theft, etc.
  • Any activity that harms or threatens the safety of any person.
  • Activities that threaten destruction or harm to the premises.

A resident’s lease may not be renewed for any reason deemed appropriate by the Associate Director. Common reasons why leases are not renewed include, but are not limited to:

  • Significant and/or recurring debt to Campus View Village such as unpaid fees, recurring late fees, or unpaid rent.
  • Significant and/or recurring involvement in Campus View Village policy violations.
  • Severe behaviors that create unrest or undue stress for roommates or other residents at Campus View Village.

Key Use and Possession

The following violations are considered misuse of keys:

  • Duplicating any Campus View Village keys.
  • Loaning Campus View Village keys to anyone, including guests and other residents.
  • Unauthorized possession and/or use of master keys. Master keys are only to be used by authorized staff.

Noise and Quiet Hours

Due to the fact that all residents are students and are living here for academic reasons, residents should be considerate of those around them at all hours. A certain amount of noise is reasonably expected, but excessive noise should not occur at any time. A resident may, at any time, request that you lower the noise level and you are expected to comply.

Quiet Hours are structured times each day that allow for a greater level of silence in the community. These hours are enforced when noise can be heard outside of a bedroom, limited common area, or an apartment. Quiet hours also include distracting noise from outdoors such as music or loud voices that can be heard inside apartments. Due to the fact that noise can be heard easily between apartments, we ask that you are mindful of your noise level. Closing open doors and windows often alleviates noise problems.

Established Quiet Hours are the following:

  • Sunday through Thursday, 10:00pm - 9:00am
  • Friday and Saturday, 12:00am - 9:00am
  • Finals Week, 24-Hours

Courtesy Hours are all times that are not considered to be official “quiet hours.” Students are still expected to be reasonable with their noise levels and respectful of any and all requests for quiet during these times. There is no such thing as “loud hours” at Campus View Village. Subwoofers and bass speakers should never be used or stored at Campus View Village due to the risk of noise violations that they present.


Residence Life staff, security guards, and Skagit Valley College officials are authorized to make reasonable requests of any and all residents and their guests. Each resident and guest is obligated to comply with these requests. Failure to comply swiftly and honestly with the reasonable request of any College official will result in disciplinary action.


In order to park at Campus View Village beyond the front, public parking lot, your vehicle must be registered with the Campus View Village office and have a valid Campus View Village parking permit sticker on the rear window. In order to park anywhere else on-campus, your vehicle must be registered with Skagit Valley College Security. Campus View Village parking stickers are $25.00 per academic year and are not transferrable. Incorrect and/or illegal parking at Campus View Village could result in ticketing or towing. Guests must park in the public parking lot at the entrance of Sigmar Lane. The speed limit on Sigmar Lane is 5 miles per hour.

CVV staff reserve the right to void, recall, or reclaim Campus View Village parking permits for the following reasons:

  • When a resident moves out of Campus View Village.
  • When a permit is used by an unregistered vehicle or by an unauthorized individual.
  • When a resident continually violates Campus View Village parking regulations.


Due to concerns related to pests, sanitation, allergies, and general consideration for others, pets are not permitted on Campus View Village property by residents, visitors, or guests. Only fish kept in small fish bowls (less than 10 gallons) are permitted on Campus View Village property. Residents will be immediately fined $100.00 if found to have a pet in their apartment or bedroom and be assessed charges for commercial fumigation of the apartment(s), repairs for damages, and/or cleaning if they are found violating this policy. This includes pets that guests bring into the apartment while visiting you.

Assistance Animals are not pets, but rather supports for persons with disabilities of various natures. Assistance animals are pre-approved and are assigned to live in bedrooms with their owners. Assistance animals may not leave an assigned bedroom of a student without the assigned owner’s presence. All acts undertaken by the animal, including messes, noise, and general inconveniences to others are the responsibility of the animal’s owner. Assistance animals cannot enter the apartments or bedrooms of others without approval.

Roofs and Balconies

Due to the extreme safety concerns it presents, residents and visitors are not allowed on rooftops. Additionally, residents must use designated stairways to travel up and down stairs. Students may not jump, repel, or otherwise climb on balconies.

Smoking, Vaping, and Tobacco Products

Use of legal vape and tobacco products may only be done in the designated smoking gazebos or inside personal vehicles parked legally in the Campus View Village parking lot. Smoking, use of smokeless tobacco, and use of e-cigarette and vape products may not occur anywhere else on CVV property, including inside any building, on CVV grounds, or within 25 feet of any entryways.

Residents and guests who smoke are expected to correctly utilize the cigarette butt receptacles placed in the designated smoking areas. No trash may be thrown into any cigarette butt receptacles.

Any violation of this policy will result in an automatic $50.00 Health and Safety fine and the resident will be subject to disciplinary sanctions. If a student is found to be smoking inside any apartments, the student will be charged an additional $50.00 fumigation fee for the first violation and a $150.00 fumigation fee upon the second violation, in addition to disciplinary action.

Sports and Roughhousing

To prevent possible injury or damage to property, playing any sports inside apartments, near buildings, or along Sigmar Lane is not allowed. Additionally, any conduct which poses significant and extraneous risk to individuals and property within and around Campus View Village is prohibited.

Student Status

Students at CVV are required to take at least 12 academic credits during the fall and at least 6 academic credits during the winter and spring at Skagit Valley College. Failure to maintain this credit load without written approval by the Associate Director could result in removal from housing.

Termination of Tenancy and Persona Non-Grata

Infractions of any policies stated in the Campus View Village Lease or Residence Life Handbook or any action that results in immediate termination of tenancy may result in a student being considered "Persona Non-Grata.” Persona Non-Grata means that the terminated individual will not be permitted to return, for any reason, to Campus View Village property without prior written approval from the Associate Director. Violations of Persona Non-Grata status could result in local authorities being contacted and charges could be pressed for trespassing.

Vacant Rooms and Apartments

Should any room(s) in an apartment be vacant, the residents of the apartment may not access or use the vacant room(s) for any purpose. Overnight guests are not to use vacant rooms. Residents of each apartment will be responsible for any repairs or cleaning to vacant rooms in the same apartment. A $50.00 fine will be issued for use of a vacant room in addition to any damage repairs and cleaning needed in the room. CVV staff members do their best to notify residents of the arrival of a new roommate, but it is not required and not always possible.

Vacant apartments are managed by the Campus View Village office and are consolidated to allow for routine maintenance and upkeep during the summer.


Vandalism is considered the misuse, mistreatment, or damage done to Campus View Village and/or student property and is strictly prohibited. Vandalistic behavior is not deemed appropriate in any situation and will result in possible fines, disciplinary actions, and/or termination of an individual’s lease. Residents are strongly urged to report individuals who vandalize property to a Residence Life staff member immediately. Ultimately, you, as a resident of Campus View Village, pay for upkeep of the community. Unaccounted vandalism increases that cost.


For safety reasons please adhere to the following policies:

  • Window screens are to remain on windows at all times and may never be removed by a student. There will be a $100 charge for any screen that has been removed regardless of its condition.
  • Do not throw, drop, or send anything out of the windows.
  • Do not sit or hang out of the windows or use them to enter any apartment.
  • Keep all windows closed and locked and blinds shut when gone.
  • Do not place any object in a windowsill, as it prevents a timely egress from your apartment in case of a fire.