Skagit Valley College

Safety and Security

Safety at Skagit Valley College

Campus Security

SVC provides security services to promote safety on-campus. Students and employees experiencing immediate harassing, threatening, or discriminatory behavriors are encouraged to report these concerns to Campus Security, who are trained to provide support and protection and who have the ability to contact local authorities, if need be.

Mount Vernon Campus:
Gary Knutzen Cardinal Center
Phone: (360) 416-7777

Whidbey Island Campus, San Juan Center, South Whidbey Center, or Marine Technology Center:
Oak Hall
Phone: (360) 770-5393 or (360) 679-5331

Bystander Intervention

Skagit Valley College encourages witnesses of harassment or discrimination to speak-up and let others know that these kinds of behaviors are unacceptable. In instances of immediately occuring violence, SVC employees and students are asked to call 9-1-1 immediately and to help get the victim or survivor away from the situation without putting their own safety at-risk. 

If you know someone who is being abused, discriminated against, harassed, or any way been a victim of a crime, please refer them to contact SVC Campus Security or the Title IX Coordinator. Here are some other ways that you can help make SVC a safe and welcoming environment:

  • Serve a as a role model for respectful, caring behaviors;
  • Educate others on the meaning of consent and advocate for those who are survivors of sexual violence;
  • Speak-up against hateful language and report violent behaviors;
  • Befriend others from different backgrounds and experiences and allow yourself to learn from those new friends;
  • Engage in conversations with friends about current legislation and current events so that you can understand the issues from multiple perspectives.

Protection from Retaliation

Reporting harassment or discrimination is always a scary prospect, but employees and students should know that choosing to notify the Skagit Valley College of a crime, whether it occurs on-or-off-campus, creates a scenario in which SVC can implement certain protections on-campus from retaliation. Some of these protections include orders of no-contact, enforcement of legal protection orders, Campus Security escorts to-and-from classes, assistance in filing reports with local law enforcement, etc.. Retaliation against a complainant is a crime and will be treated as such.

SVC also enforces a state-mandated whistleblower policy, which protects individuals who report institutional misconduct and discrimination. 

Annual Security Report

Skagit Valley College, as mandated by the Jeanne Clery Act, posts statistics of crimes that occur on-campus owned, leased, or operated properties. This is known as an Annual Security Report. This report includes all crimes listed under Title IX and VAWA. 

SVC's Annual Security Report can be viewed onlineIt is important to note that this report lists the number of crimes reported to SVC officials.