Skagit Valley College

Ordering Name Badges & Business Cards

SVC Magnetic Name Badges

Magnetic name badges can be ordered through Express Name Tags & More (formerly called Recognition Express) in Weippe, Idaho. Express Name Tags has the SVC logo on file already. Provide them with the name and title of the person(s) needing a badge, along with your purchase order number. For more information about ordering, cost, and shipping:

  • Express Name Tags & More
    4116 3 Mile Road
    Weippe, ID 83553


    208.435.4020 (tel)
    208.435.4556 (fax)

How to Order Business Cards

Business Cards can be ordered on-line through The Department of Printing. See the instruction below.

Dept of Printing Business Card Ordering Instructions

Logging in to PRTonline

  1. Go to the following link:
  2. Under Login, type in the SVC username and password
    Username: Skagit
    Password: Valley01
    Note: Since we will have one general login for placing orders the "Forgot your password?" link will not work. Please call Rozanne Smith in the purchasing office at 416-7916 if you need help.
  3. SVC is not within the Washington state network so the box "Inside WA Network" should be unchecked.
  4. Click on the "Login" button.

Important Information:
If the system is not actively being used it will automatically log off after 20 minutes. You will lose anything you have not saved and will need to log back into the system.
Items left in your shopping cart for more than 30 days will automatically be removed.
MAC users should open the link with Safari rather than Firefox.

Ordering a new business card:

  1. Select business card tab or click on the business card button (the Whidbey template is on page two so you'll have to click on the "next" button).
  2. Select a template then click on the "edit card" button.
  3. Type data on available lines, delete unneeded line titles (such as Cell marker if you are not entering a cell phone number) as they will print.
  4. Click on Preview button to preview card (You have to hit the preview button twice).
  5. Make corrections if necessary (there is no spell check) then preview again.
  6. If everything is correct, click on "Save Card". "Your new card is Saved" will appear below the saved card button.
  7. Print a proof of your saved card, attach it to your purchase requisition (or bring it to your department contact person for processing) send to the Business Office with the budget code and manager's signature. To print click on "Large View" and select print icon (icon is pencil and piece of paper).
  8. To continue order click on "Add to Cart".
  9. Type in cost code (please use department name). Click the tab button to accept the cost code.
  10. Click on the delivery address icon located next to the delivery address to bring up the ship to box. Do not change the ship to address, but you must click on submit to proceed. All orders should come to the purchasing office for verification and will be sent to you ASAP through campus mail. Those for San Juan Center will be mailed via postal service.
    1. If placing more than one request at a time, click on "Use This Address For All Items".
  11. Click on 'submit' to submit delivery address.
  12. Select quantity.
  13. Update cart.
  14. Continue shopping or Submit Order. Once you hit the submit button, it will be electronically forwarded to the Business Office.
  15. Your card will not be released or printed until a signed, budget coded purchase requisition is received in the Business Office.

EXCEPTIONS: If you have unique requirements, such as a name that won't fit or double sided cards, send a sample of the item with a "copy" of the purchase requisition to Don Cairns in the Public Information Office marked "SPECIAL PRINTING REQUIREMENTS". The original purchase requisition should still go to the Business Office for processing. Cards will not be ordered until the budget manager has approved the purchase.

Reordering an existing business card:

  1. Select business card tab or click on the business card button.
  2. Click on "Saved Cards".
  3. You may type in First & Last Name –or –
    First Name Only – or –
    Last Name Only – or –
    Click on first letter of first name.
  4. Select a card from list box.
  5. Click on "Open Card" to edit selected card.
  6. Type corrections if necessary.
  7. If corrections are made click on "save change" button.
  8. To print a proof of your card. Click on "Large View" and select print icon.
  9. Click on "Add to Cart".
  10. Type in cost code.
  11. Select quantity.
  12. Update cart.
  13. Continue shopping or Submit Order

Specialty Orders

If a business card cannot be created with the online ordering system because of extra contact information or additional formatting/layout requirements, contact Don Cairns via email with all the information required for the card. Note: The card cost will be higher than that of the Dept. of Printing.